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Elisabeth Matheson Solberg
(Skuespiller ved Det Norske Teatret og regissør for "Fossekall")

"worked with Mai-Britt Wagnid in August 2007 on the play Fossekall.
The play is about Edvard Grieg’s life and his relationship with his wife Nina Grieg. Mai-Britt brought Nina Grieg to life with temperament and understanding.
Within a short length of time she grew as an actress, balancing her wide emotional register.
During the rehearsal period she was open, cooperative, engaging and creative.
As a singer Mai-Britt combines great technical ability with rare warmth and intensity.
With my hand on my heart I can say that I have never heard ”Solveig’s sang” performed with such beauty.
To work with Mai- Britt has been a pleasure.
Her singing has inspired me in my work.

Kåre Bjørkøy 

 (Professor in classical singing, at the Institution for music,NTNU, Trondheim,voice fysiologi and opera directing.)

She has a rare and rich voice, and she communicates with her audience with great empathy and warmth. Few performing artists manage to include and take care of their audience in such a special way. This is a very rare quality for classical singers, but Wagnild has shown me that she has such qualities.

Cooperative partners


Marit Dahlø
Selbu Teaterforum

To follow Mai-Britt throughout the years has been a pleasure from day one.
What a voice (that has developed enormously) and what a charisma she has.
Her whole personality does something to me every time she performs.
She casts a spell on her audience and she manages to do this in any music
style she sings in from the well known nursery rhymes to the well known
classics - it goes strait to the heart.
She is also a hard working, serious and focused artist that is so lovely
and easy to work with.
I wish that the whole world could get the chance to share these experiences with me.


Phillip White

Dear Mai-Britt,

Congratulations on a beautiful concert today at Llandaff Cathedral.
You have a very exciting voice and I enjoyed every note.
Congratulations also to your pianist friend whose playing I found most impressive.
I had hoped to have been at your concert in the WMC but was unavoidable prevented from coming, I expect it was as well received as at the
Cathedral today.
Let me know when you are performing in the future.

Regards, Phillip White, Porthcawl

Mike Stenhouse

Dear Ms. Wagnild,
Having just returned to

Denver , I wanted to say how much I enjoyed your singing at the concert on the island of Steinvikholmen. - it was amemorable evening!I also thought you were very brave to walk to the top of the roof - I'm glad it was very stable!

Good luck in whatever you are doing.

Best wishes.

Mike Stenhouse

Tony and Carol Olavssen

What a stunning performance; her voice filled the whole cathedral!' She

was so elegant and gave us all the impression that she was singing for
each and every one of us individually. Her vibrant personality comes
alive when she is performing, and she lives the music such that the songs
come over in a very meaningful way - the music lives! Mai-Britt has such
a vivacious personality when she is on stage and her true down-to-earth
friendly disposition is apparent to everyone. A singer who has not
forgotten the common touch and who gives her audiences a truly uplifting

experience on every occasion.


Karen Gunnes, Trønderbladet 
03.november 2011 (interpreted from Norwegian) 

  The Mezzo soprano Mai-Britt Wagnild impressed the audience with her magnificent voice together with South Trøndelag Orchestra.  

Thorbjørn Foss, Stjørdals Blad
21.april 2009 (interpreted from Norwegian)  

  Musical aperitif!

A newly composed psalm “The Lord is by our side”, written by John Mills was performed publicly for the very first time. Both artists gave an interpretation which was both intense and a beautiful. Wagnild` s voice has developed tremendously and shows signs of maturity, depth and volume. This came through especially well under the performance of the two last mentioned music pieces. She is ready for bigger, and more demanding roles in the opera world.     

John Mills commented when asked how he enjoyed performing with Mai Britt, “It is a joy to perform together with Wagnild. Her voice has a wide range and versatility. It suits extremely well to the classical guitar, better than many solo singers I have had experience of playing concerts with.

Bjørn Helge Larsen, Stjørdals-Nytt
22nd April 2009

Musical versatility-
An audience of over one hundred enjoyed a beautiful concert with the Selbu`s own, Mai-Britt Wagnild and the British guitarist, John Mills in Selbu church Sunday 19th April 2009.

Selbu church is well known for high quality acoustics and many professional artists have recorded cd`s here. John Mills used a small microphone for the guitar while Mai Britt filled the whole church with her voice with no technical help. We hope to hear much more from this duo in the future. We hope for the possibility of a cd recording in the near future for an even greater audience.

Bjørn Helge Larsen
Stjørdals-Nytt 5 december 2007



Nea Radio:

 - Yet again we are impressed by Mai-Britt Wagnild,who is home from the UK for Christmas

- Tydal church was fully packed. No one has ever experienced before such a tremendous applause for "Oh,Holy night". Very well deserved!

John Mills concert tour.
Nea Radio: 06.05.06

 - The musicians created a wonderful atmosphere with a varied program

- The audience showed their appreciation of the concert by giving the performers a standing ovation.

- Mai-Britt has improved even more as a singer since she played the part of "Lucie" in the opera Olav Engelbrektsson two years ago. She doesn`t cease to impress her public who met up for the concert in the church at her home village in Selbu tonight

Knut Erlend Jegersen. Byavisa: 9 mai 2006

 -The norwegian songs were followed by "Sally Gardens" ("Gje meg handa di ven"). It was a beautiful interpretation of the ballad originally from Ireland.

- A classical guitar and a beautiful voice. What more do you need when you have performers of such high quality?

-His solo guitar playing sounded like several instruments all at once. This, together with Wagnilds expression and bright notes, brought the music up to a high quality.

-Beautiful: John Mills of world class. Mai-Britt Wagnild continues to develope her voice quality.They really created some beautiful and memorable moments in Værnes Church on Sunday.

Selbu Sparebank: 20.01.06

 - Mai-Britt Wagnild and Roar Nygård rounded off the concert with the duet "Time to say good bye". We sat back longing for more.

06 January 2006

- Her voice filled the whole church with such a rich sound that for a moment we almost felt the roof lifting



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