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Projects - The Ice castle


The Ice Castle


"Is-slottet" is a chamber play with music- inspired by "Is-slottet" (the ice castle), by the Norwegian author Tarjei Vesaas. The novel brings up a timeless subject, which is just as important today as it was during the period it was written. To express one self is a way of human survival. Five women meet and explore each others expression: A singer, an actress, a composer, a writer and a pianist. Through sound and movement they convey the novel in a new and direct way, which appeals to an audience of all ages. Mai- Britt Wagnild, singer,Cathrine Brun, actor, Eva Holm Foosnaes, composer, Marte Huke, writer and Tina Margaretha Nilssen, pianist.


Painting by: Ingunn Ystad





















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