Mai-Britt Wagnild


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Mai-Britt Wagnild

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Born and brought up in Norway. She is a Norwegian/Welsh Mezzo soprano/Alto full of guts and dramatic confidence and her voice has a warm rich quality. Specialised in opera, operetta and musical theatre through further education.

"Mai-Britt Wagnild is a Norwegian/Welsh mezzo soprano well known for her powerfull voice. But what impressed me the most was her ability to create such a peaceful and vulnerable atmosphere in Oppdal church on thursday night. Whispering into the microphone, producing a sound effect bringing to mind an image of waves and wind."

 20.07.2012 Oppdalingen 20th of July 2012.



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21st -23rd of May "Arthur & den forsunne sangen", a musicalfairytale for children, Marthe Besvik Stavrum, composer,flutes & harp, Mai-Britt Wagnild, voice/ author/composer of the main theme

10th & 14th of March Spaserstokken, Buen, Hølonda, Flå & Horg with Anne Sørtømme, accordion & Mai-Britt Wagnild, mezzo soprano

31st of January

25th of Ocober charety concert

 17th of October Spaserstokken, Selbu with Anne Sørtømme, accordion & Mai-Britt Wagnild, voice

28th of September Closed event

9 -10 September, Lodgaarad,Melhus "Is-slottet"/ The ice Castle Tarjei Vesaas/Marte Huke. Mai-Britt Wagnild,voice, Catrine Brun, actor, Marita KjetlandRabben, piano.

23rd of August, Lodgaard, Melhus, World lullabies, Anne Sørtømme,accordion & Mai-Britt Wagnild, mezzo soprano.

9th of June,Hovin,World lullabies, Anne Sørtømme & Mai-Britt Wagnild, mezzo soprano.

9th April, closed booking, Nidarosdomen, Trondheim.

30th of January,private booking, Victoria Backe stories and songs.

13th of december, closed event

1st of december, closed concert

23rd of november, Two open performances, Lokstallen,Stjørdal

21st -22nd november, DKS performances in Trondheim, Sverresborg museum

17th of november, part of Selbu Mucschools jubilee, Gimle

19th of august, Kalvåa friluftsteater

July 19th, Oppdal Kirke, "Carmina Gadelica- The Celtic song, Odd Halvor Moen, piano, flutes, percussion, Jan Erik Rekdal, poet/professor in Irish language & Mai-Britt Wagnild, voice 

Juli 11th, Vår Frues kirke, "Hjerterom", Maria Næss,piano & Mai-Britt Wagnild, mezzo- soprano. 

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